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Word Play

Jamie Rohr, Queens College Student

I’ve often been told I write the same way that I talk. I rely on the cues of talking and often insert my gasp, my sigh, or my importantly placed ellipses so that the reader understands my exact expression. I rely heavily on said reader. I write for an audience. Since birth I’ve been pushed and prodded to share my words. Encouraged, bribed, and then finally rewarded when I share whatever it is that is on my mind. As I grew up, the bigger the words got, the more praise I received. As a kid, I came to 
understand the power of words and I learned that the manner in which I chose to say them would warrant different results. “Pretty please with a cherry on top” became cute, while “I want it now” reeked of attitude. I have learned to ...

Left Hook, Write Cross

Phillip Giarraffa, Counselor, the Percy E. Sutton SEEK Program at Queens College

I originally wrote parts of this reflection last November to share with my students. It served to explain how writing was inexplicably dormant in my life for many years and how the death of a boxing legend caused me to remember how this wasn’t always so. My expectation for sharing it here …well maybe it is to wake you up too! When boxing great Joe Frazier died, a part of me awoke! It has been over a year since Smokin’ Joe’s death but the news still hits me like one of his left hooks. At the time what hurt most, at least for me, was how little notoriety the Philadelphia fighter’s death received on our local news channels. I felt that one of boxing’s all time greats deserved more than the 60 seconds allotted but in coming to know more about ...

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