About Writing at Queens

Revisions is a publication of the Writing at Queens program at Queens College.

Jason Tougaw
Phone: 718-997-4695
Fax: 718-997-4698

Kevin L. Ferguson

Colleen Cusick
Saygun Gökariksel
Andrew Statum
Danny Tam
Stephanie Wakefield
Sayo Yamagata

Tyler Rivenbark, Projects Coordinator
Cecilia Britez, Sarah Stetson, and German Britez, Program Assistants

Please visit the Writing at Queens web site, where you will find a description of the program, an extensive collection of teaching resources, and links to the Writing Center.

Nancy Foasberg, Library
Aaron Freundschuh, History
Sari Kisilevsky, Philosophy
Esther Muehlbauer, Biology
Katherine Profeta, Drama, Theatre, and Dance
Emily Wilbourne, Music

Writing at Queens (WAQ) Faculty Partners work in division-based teams, with CUNY Writing Fellows who serve as research assistants, consultants to individual courses, and tutors for students. The teams function in a variety of ways, depending on the discipline. In general, they:

  • Identify the needs of departments and individual faculty offering W courses within their divisions.
  • Work with department chairs to conceive discipline-specific writing goals and with the WAQ Director to foster pedagogical innovations that will help faculty achieve these goals with their students.
  • Host faculty workshops in their division.
  • Devise methods for assessing the outcomes of W courses.
  • Develop teaching resources to enhance W courses.
  • Participate in an ongoing seminar on writing and learning with CUNY Writing Fellows, other Faculty Partners, and the WAQ Director.

Please contact the Faculty Partner(s) in your Division if you have questions about teaching writing. See the WAQ website for more information. Contact Jason Tougaw (jason.tougaw@qc.cuny.edu), Director of WAQ, if you are interested in becoming a Faculty Partner during future semesters.


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