QC CUNY Writing Fellows

CUNY WRITING FELLOWS (CWFs) are Doctoral Candidates at The CUNY Graduate Center who have earned a competitive fellowship and who receive specialized training in the teaching of writing.These six CWFs are central to the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program at Queens College. They are also largely responsible for the conception, development, and production of Revisions. Take a look at their biographies to learn more about this year’s CWFs. From left to right:


is a doctoral student in English. Her research examines matchmakers in the Victorian courtship plot novel and explores 
19th-century conceptions of marriage as a social practice and of marriage as a private act.

is a doctoral student in Anthropology. His research concerns the intersection of historical memory, life history, and nation-state 
building in contemporary Eastern Europe.

is a doctoral student in English. His research centers around issues of textual difficulty, aesthetics, reader reception, and the ways in which these inform undergraduate English curricula.

is a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Neuropsychology. His research focuses on the neural basis of 3D shape perception, specifically how changes in orientation and frequency cues contribute to the perception of slant and shape.

is a doctoral candidate in the department of Earth and Environmental Science. Her dissertation is a genealogy of urban climate 
resilience as an apparatus of governmentality.

is a doctoral student in Musicology. She studies popular and avant-garde music in the 1960s.

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