I Write For My Rights

Mohammed Subhabi, Queens College Student

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Conor_HeadHole_01I write because many in history have written for various reasons.

But whatever they may be: I write for my rights.

Sometimes we write because we want to write and don’t know why.

It all starts with a pen and paper, and most importantly the mind.

The mind renders its thoughts on the paper.

For me my rights are important, and everyone should know their rights living in America.

In college we have to know our rights.

I even believe there are rights for writers, copyright, and one shouldn’t allow others
to obtain and dismantle another person’s ownership.

It is imperative as writers that we write 
and don’t stop because someone criticizes our work.

As writers we have rights, but we should not be immune 
to respectful criticism that doesn’t allow the other person 
to speak in vulgar language against our work.

As a writer I feel I write for my rights, 
I write poetry that talks about my rights.

We may not think about rights on a daily basis, but our rights are an important part of our lives, and we must understand this.

Writing is a tool which enables one to explore 
his or her own mind on a piece of paper,

however one must dig and delve into their mind’s core

and find the riches which should be painted
on paper, a computer, whatever form of writing.

It is up to the reader to decipher the meaning: to some it may mean general information, or just another story, but to others your story, your writing can mean much.

So know your rights, and just write in daytime or as long as you can see no lights.

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